How Viewers can Shop and Purchase during a Live Video?

How Viewers can Shop and Purchase during a Live Video?

Live stream shopping or live video shopping has swept people off their feet. It has given buyers the freedom to shop from anywhere in the world. The best thing is that customers can place their orders sitting from the comforts of their homes. Also, it brings the trends to the forefront for regular buyers who are not always on the top of their fashion game. 

Live stream shopping is possible for every product- fashion, lifestyle, gadgets, etc. From games to home décor, everything gets covered in this area. The advantage of this kind of shopping is that you can buy it immediately when you see it. It is fun. Isn’t it?

The Connection between Traditional Shopping and Online Shopping

Even a couple of decades back, people used to visit the brick and mortar stores to be able to shop for their favorite items. Thanks to the Internet, which changed slowly with time. And people shifted to online shopping for goods. They could see the collections and buy them with a click using their mouse. It went on for some years and continues to be a trend. However, sellers realized that people had a lot of questions regarding products and complained about not being able to contact the retailers in their hour of need. Also, they missed the experience of buying in real-time. Live video shopping entered the market, and things took a turn for the good.

In e-commerce live streaming, the retailers can be present online through video where they display their items but interact with the potential customers regarding those items. People can book and buy those items in real-time, just like people visit physical stores to purchase items. So, it brought back those feel-good times of receiving the purchased items at their doorstep. They can still be at home doing other chores when their item gets delivered. Read also: How Does Live Streaming Help You in Purchasing Products?

Shopping and Entertainment Both

Usually, in a live video shopping event, a host guides the potential customers through the shopping process. The host showcases the items with information on buying and provides reviews after using a product. Since you are open to interacting with the consumers, it is easy to build a rapport between the two, which eventually translates into trust and brand building. Building a brand takes time, and it happens when people trust the brand. So, live stream shopping is endeavoring to provide the age-old shopping experience to the customers only through a different channel.

This particular medium has diminished the monotony of online shopping where people surf and buy products by reading the description. It provides an opportunity for the seller to talk about products. It is a merger of the goods from the traditional and modern shopping world.

Creative, Bold, and Exciting

Live streaming shopping apps have opened up a whole new world of exciting items to be displayed and bought. It is a personal experience but a global one because it is an integral part of the internet community. The array of products is extensive because anyone can sell their products to other people if they believe they are usable. Moreover, good quality products are sold and bought because the people producing them come to the channels to sell them. For example, farm-fresh produce sold online is of high quality and competitive price.

In various cosmetics and clothes channels, sellers guide the viewers about using those products. Due to this, they reach a bigger audience and satisfy ones. They even earn fan followings. With a better rate of engagement, the seller can expect to get more business because people are expected to share engaging video content with friends and relatives. If a live stream shopping company can organize the event well, they can reach out to thousands of buyers with seconds who can book the items following the process provided by the seller. It can make a difference in the profit numbers.

FOMO and Live Video Shopping

When the live video shopping events are well-organized, whether on a big or even small, but are effective with a proper plan, they can encourage customers to buy. Here, the customers feel like they are part of something big and thus consider purchasing items from that sense of belonging. People can develop FOMO (fear of missing out) during a live stream session; if they do not buy anything. Sometimes potential buyers get influenced by the host, and at other times he/she may see that the promotion or discount ends after the event, which triggers FOMO in them. To reduce this FOMO, they end up buying more.

Live Stream Channels

The small retailers use the platforms to sell their products through live streaming, while others do it by establishing their platforms. Some popular and reputed brands have their live stream channels providing a personal and universal experience to their buyers. The products sold by employees provide information on upcoming events. The quality is corroborated by experts from various fields. Customers need to RSVP and show up.

In other more advanced live stream shopping, shoppers can click on an item during the event without pausing the video. They also receive personalized video calls from companies where the experts hand-hold them through the shopping experience. Many more short videos are present on the channel for browsers to find more information on everything. People do love virtual assistants doing most of the complicated chores for them. By setting up virtual assistants, many companies doubled their sales numbers.

Thus, the future of live stream shopping is bright, and customers can expect to be pampered more in the years to come. Buy anything through a click and never miss out on anything.

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