How Does Live Streaming Help You in Purchasing Products?

How Does Live Streaming Help You in Purchasing Products?

Over the past few decades, we have seen a shift in the buying patterns of consumers. People have shifted to online purchasing from offline brick-and-mortar stores. The collection is vast, and the pricing competitive. This has drawn people towards it. Online shopping is less time-consuming because you can do it with a click while avoiding serpentine queues. After this Coronavirus pandemic, online shopping has gone one notch higher by providing a facility for live online shopping. This one almost simulates an authentic shopping experience where you can be present physically.

What is Live Online Shopping? 

Live online shopping is a novel concept. It acts as a bridge between traditional physical shopping and online shopping. Here, the sellers get the facility to sell their products while the customers can buy those in real-time. It makes a lot of difference in the mindset of the people because they love to buy things in real-time and this particular type of shopping provides that experience to them. In fact, the number of live online sellers has increased much with time.

What is Live Stream Shopping?

Live stream shopping is an ideal way of doing business. Live stream, as we know, is making a real-time video of an event. Here, the concept is used to sell and buy products by the sellers and the consumers. The former makes a live video of his/her products online so that the potential buyers can see them and buy them in real-time. It has an added advantage of the seller being able to answer any questions regarding products. Thus, the seller can provide peace of mind to the customers. People usually have questions regarding a particular product before brand loyalty gets established. In this method, it is actually easy to build a brand.

How Do I Stream Live Shop?

The first thing you need for live shop streaming is a good internet connection. Next, for the sellers, you have to be ready with your stock and start a broadcast video on diverse selling platforms available today. If you have a website, you can do it on your website, on your blog, and on other online marketing platforms. Obviously, it is wise to do it on the most popular platform to ensure large viewership. On the part of the consumers, you need to log in to any of these platforms to see the products being live-streamed to buy them. 

What are The Differences between Livestream Shopping and Traditional Online Shopping?

Well, it took some time for us to switch to live online shopping from traditional shopping. The significant difference between the two is touching and feeling the material which is possible in traditional shopping. Also, you can find out if it is the right size for you by going for a prompt trial. These two aren’t possible during live stream shopping because even if you can see the items and the seller in real-time, you cannot feel the garments. Some sellers use models to showcase their products while others model themselves so you can get a feel of how it will look when you try it, but that still misses out on personal touch. 

Whatever be the difference, live stream shopping is catching on fast because it focuses on the trends and appeals to every stratum of society. It cuts across boundaries, and anybody sitting at any place with interest in a particular product can order it. Thus, impulsive buying has been made possible with this kind of shopping. The live stream shopping app ensures that the buyer can see the collection of trendy items on display with heavy discounts and offers. Sometimes a particular company launches a personal shopping app. There are others that use the established shopping apps to display their array of products. Whatever the scene, customers are ensured good quality products from different parts of the city or country.

E-commerce live streaming was first introduced in China, and the rest of the world followed suit. In fact, in China, the live e-commerce shopping market accounts for 10% of the entire e-commerce market. The benefit for a customer from a live stream shopping company is that he/she can get products delivered at their doorstep by the company. The advantage of the company is that it can reach out to a number of potential consumers through its online presence.

It is significant to interact with the customers while shopping. Because naturally, they are inquisitive. When they see that their questions are answered properly through live video shopping, they start to rely on the host. A relationship begins between the host and the customer good for both parties. Think of it as a revamped version of in-home shopping when sellers used to come home to sell products where you could engage with him/her regarding the products. It is quite a satisfying experience where you don’t have to fill out a shopping cart and wait for your payment and delivery.

What more? Consumers can also become famous when their reviews are added on-screen by the sellers or by simply using the product and reviewing it. So, it is a double whammy for you where you buy the product and become famous.

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