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Tips for purchasing Bed sheets

Identify the fiber:-

To make an informed decision about bed sheets, it's important to identify the type of fiber they are made of and how they feel. Bedsheets India specializes in 100% cotton bedsheets, but for colder seasons, flannel sheets are recommended for their warmth-retaining properties.Find out the thread count :- Thread count refers to the number of individual threads used per square inch of fabric. A higher thread count typically signifies a more luxurious, comfortable, and denser bedding material. As a result, higher thread count bedding sets are usually more expensive.

Check and recheck the size :-

Mattress sizes in India are not standardized, so it's important to verify the dimensions of your mattress in terms of length, width, and thickness before purchasing bedding. Bedsheets India offers single and double bedsheet sizes, with double bedsheets available in three different sizes: 90" x 100", 100" x 108", and 108" x 108".

Know the different types of sheets:-

There are two main types of bedsheets: flat and fitted. Fitted sheets are simple to put on and maintain, while flat sheets are widely available in the market. At times, customers request fitted bedsheets and we are able to accommodate this request upon order placement. It's recommended to inquire with the seller to see if they offer the option for fitted bedsheets.

Know the seller well:-

As a buyer, it's crucial to select the right sellers when purchasing bedsheets. There are numerous brands that obtain bedding from wholesale manufacturers, add their labels, and sell them at a high profit margin.

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