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HRR Super Halfsleeve Tshirt with Half Pant for Boys

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A beautifully designed t-shirt and pant outfit set for your...

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A beautifully designed t-shirt and pant outfit set for your kid, to make him look ravishing with great comfort.

When parents go out there to buy outfits for their children, the most common problems they face are matching sets and sizes. So, to tackle these problems HRR Super comes up with a pair of outfits, which you can buy online from our website, which is designed in such a way that it comes with both t-shirt and pants. So, it becomes easier for parents to buy these except for looking for pants and then buying t-shirts separately by keeping in mind the design of pants.

These are super comfortable pairs of outfits which cost you very low and so affordable. HRR Kids wear Half Sleeve T-Shirt with Half Pant Set are available at a very reasonable price and costing is much lower as compared to prices of products that you buy at this range, which totally give you an idea of how affordable this pair of sets is. And the good thing is that after even pricing this product so low, HRR Kids wear Half Sleeve T-Shirt with Half Pant Set contain great quality and comfortable, so feel free to buy a set for your children.

Major reasons to buy HRR Kids wear Half Sleeve T-Shirt with Half Pant Set:

1) Quality: HRR Kids wear Half Sleeve T-Shirt with Half Pant Set comes with an amazing quality and gives your kid the best available comfort, which is at an affordable or low price.

2) Affordability: HRR Kids wear Half Sleeve T-Shirt with Half Pant Set is of great quality, comfortable and is of very reasonable price, which makes it affordable and worth buying.

3) Comfortable: HRR Kids wear Half Sleeve T-Shirts with Half Pant Sets that are soft and the material that has been used is of great quality, so these pairs are so comfortable that your kid will love it.

4) Material of the product: HRR Kids wear a Half Sleeve T-Shirt with Half Pant Set made up of soft and comfortable clothing, so when you buy these pairs, they not only come at a very affordable price but also the quality of product is great.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Que 1: What a kid can wear with a simple t-shirt?
Ans: You don’t need to go out and get tired of searching for this answer, as when you buy HRR Kids wear a Half Sleeve T-Shirt with Half Pant Set, they come with pants.

Que 2: What are different ways in which I can wear these t-shirts?
Ans: Well, the best answer is simple half pants, and this is what we are providing you here in our HRR Kids wear Half Sleeve T-Shirt with Half Pant Set. So, feel free to buy one for your kid.

Que 3: How to wash it to maintain utmost quality?
Ans: Gentle machine wash works well in these HRR Kids wear Half Sleeve T-Shirt with Half Pant Set.

Que 4: How do I choose a t-shirt?
Ans: To make sure you've chosen the right fit, look for a slim fit that still gives you a full range of motion. Additionally, don't neglect the fabric of the t-shirt when you're trying to find the right piece. A t-shirt that's made of scratchy fabric has a great price tag and looks excellent on the first wear.

Care Instructions: Hand Wash Only

Fit Type: Regular
· In this combo dress set, you will get 1 Cotton T-Shirt + 1 Denim half pant.
· The T-shirt is Made of soft cotton & the half pant is made of high quality Denim fabric. Both the fabrics are specially made for kid's skin.
· Two pocket in the pant with zip and Button closer



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HRR Super Halfsleeve Tshirt with Half Pant for Boys
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